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Why we’re here.

We believe good content has great power.

We have this thing we say around here pretty often: "For the Community, Through the Creator."

We say it a lot because it applies to pretty much everything we do, and why we do it. Truth be told, we started EverEmber Creative to make it easier for content creators to receive quality support from partners they trust. That was it. We had the power to bridge that particular gap, so we made it our focus.

But it didn't take long for us to realize we were looking at a much, much bigger picture. This wasn't just a chance to make life easier for content creators; this was an opportunity to improve the communities that millions of people around the world call home. Like fans who find and foster real connections with like minds. Or freelance artists who care so deeply about the creator, they opt to provide creative support for little in return.

In that moment, everything changed, because we realized it had to. At our core is a desire to make everyone feel like they belong. To stoke passion. To inspire purpose. And to share it. All of it. Because it deserves to be shared.

So it's been our mission ever since. Yes, we're here to help content creators tell the very best stories on the internet, and to make them look damn-cool while they're at it. But we're also here to cultivate goodness, to generate content fans can be proud of, and to foster an online home that audiences new and old are proud to call their own.

Good content isn't just good content. It's way more powerful than that. That's why we're here.

Our Founders.

CEO Kevin Von Atzigen

Kevin Von Atzigen
Co-Founder + CEO

CMO Austin Reed

Austin Reed
Co-Founder + CMO

CCO Adam Sharaf

Adam Sharaf
Co-Founder + CCO

Let's Connect.

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