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Content growth on your terms.

Less like an agency. More like a Partner.

While it isn’t necessarily impossible for content creators to acquire support when they need it, it certainly isn’t as easy as it should be. We’re here to offer a simpler, more transparent, higher-quality and altogether-better solution to content creator support. From basic video editing packages to full-scale branding content to social channel management to brand innovation, we’re here to cover every single peripheral of your content creation business, so you can focus on the parts you love and rest easy knowing everything else is in good hands.

We do this by treating every transaction as a partnership—a connection built on trust, respect, and collaboration. That’s why every single project, regardless of scope, begins in the exact same place: Right here, at Discovery.

Part One: Discovery.

Female streamer chatting with audience.

Part One: Discovery.

To provide support to a content creator is one thing. But to do it in a way that feels collaborative, fosters brand growth, and stays true to the creator’s story every step of the way? That’s an entirely different thing.

Discovery is the first step in every single partnership here at EverEmber. Before we begin providing top-tier creative and management support for your brand, we first want to understand your brand. What’s your content all about? What are you all about? Where do you want to be tomorrow? What about five years from now? What’s your favorite color? Who do you admire? And most importantly: Why? Why everything.

The why is the backbone of Discovery. We believe that what we do is only half as important as why we do it. By getting to the heart of your reason for being, we’re able to create unique, original, and memorable content that engages with your audiences like never before.

Female streamer chatting with audience.

Part Two: Composition.

Close-up of computer hardware, keyboard, mouse, and streamer's arm.

Part Two: Composition.

Once we’ve spent plenty of time immersing ourselves in your brand, your current challenges and your future goals, we immediately get to work on a scope of services customized to your unique need. Those services have been itemized in an easy-to-understand menu format between one-time capabilities and recurring capabilities, so picking and choosing specific services is easy (and honestly kinda fun).

Our goal is to make the connection between content creator and creative agency feel seamless, comfortable, and stress-free. That’s why we always work hand-in-hand with you through the more intricate details like pricing, billing standards, scope clarity and agency/partner expectations to ensure alignment and satisfaction on every level.

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But don’t just take our word for it. Below are just a handful of content creators we’ve had the pleasure of supporting.

Twitter page for mutli-world first World of Warcraft guild Liquid

Team Liquid

E-Sports Organization OTK


Clips Channel for YouTuber Bellular


YouTube channel for gaming livestreamer Fandy


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